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Warwick Engineering (N.I.) Ltd Accreditations 20/12/2011 EN 1090 – 1, EN 1090 – 2 and EN 3534 execution class Part 3.

Warwick Engineering (N.I.) Ltd are the only company within Ireland (North and South) who have been accredited with EN 1090 – 1 and EN1090 – 2. We are the first company through our facilitator, TUV Rhineland to have obtained this certification within the UK.

EN 1090 – 1 is the Factory production control procedure which enables Warwick Engineering to CE stamps their product on behalf of our client.

EN 1090 – 2 is the technical requirements for the execution of steel structures.

EN 1090 standards are European standards which regulate the fabrication and assembly of steel structures and are recognised by the Construction Products Directive (CPD). EN 1090ff replaced the nationally applicable regulations in Germany DIN 18800 – 7 DIN V 4133 - 3

Warwick Engineering (N.I) Ltd have been accredited through TUV Rhineland with EN 3534 execution class Part 3, which relates to the PQR’s and WTR’s in respect of the welding methods employed at Warwick Engineering (N.I.) Ltd. This accreditation is applicable to the standard of welding which must be obtained to achieve EN 1090 - 2

Warwick Engineering (N.I.) Ltd are pre – qualified construction contractors through Construction Line. Construction Line assesses the managerial, financial and technical standards of firms against standards set by the DTI. Qualified firms’ details are then made available to public and private sector construction clients as a source of qualified construction contractors and consultants.

Warwick Engineering are working towards the following ISO accreditations and hope to obtain the following in the next 3 – 6 months namely ISO 18001 and ISO 9001. This is our short term goal. Our medium term goal is to obtain ISO 14001 in the next 12 months.

Certificate of Conformity (English)

Certificate of Conformity (German)

Welding Certificate (English)

Welding Certificate (German)